TOWIE Easter Special

TOWIE Easter Special

We were delighted to be back on the TOWIE set again

thanks to Kids Party Finder  This episode was the Easter special

and filmed at the stunning grounds of Blake Hall, Essex.



We had spent the previous week busy in the workshop designing and building all the props for this amazing episode.

It was a very early start to our day, It was a sunny but slightly chilly morning the van was packed with so many props.

When we arrived at the location there was lots of suppliers and crew getting ready to film the first scene. There was a Covid marshal on hand at all times, everyone wore masks, had to sign a self-declaration and had temperature checks on arrival.


The sun stayed out while we were unloading and setting up our props for the first scene. Blake Hall is a beautiful location and huge! after we had set up the art producer informed us they decided to film a scene over the other side of the house! there was gravel on all the main pathways so we couldn’t wheel the props there, so they had to be carried the long way to the next scene.

The cast started to arrive and get ready for the first scene to be filmed, the wind started to pick up and we did feel for the cast walking around in their glitzy clothes whilst we sat and watched wrapped up in our coats! 


The first set up was inside a beautiful barn and Camb Lights who supplied the amazing rustic light up Easter sign.

The second set up was outside where most of the cast was going to have an Easter egg hunt, Simply Rustic supplied a rustic sweet cart which looked delicious and the amazing Flo Events supplied an easter bunny outfit for a cast member to wear during their hunt, was really fun to watch!

There were two other sets near the main house of Blake Hall, the scenery was beautiful and our colourful props looked spectacular against the landscape, we even got to witness a couple of cast members have an argument while filming, so it was pretty dramatic to watch!

Simply rustic provided the sweet cart and Joanne Rose Cakes provided the most mouth-watering candy cake! Party Malarkey and Moshlloons worked incredibly together to create the amazing balloon arches that were used across the sets.


Our part was of course all the props! The brief to the theme was easter Candyland, so we got busy designing so many different candy sweets and easter props, from huge cake slice, gingerbread men, large Easter eggs, rabbits, 4ft carrots and giant lolly’s galore, we had such fun making them all and working with the other suppliers to ensure it was in keeping with the overall look.

We also supplied our 8ft x 6ft grass backdrop with a custom made sign. The ladies from Party Malarkey created a colourful balloon garland for the wall and while the sun was shining away we got to see the cast use this area to take their social media selfies.

Filming each scene takes a long time as the cameras are set up, the cast is brought in and various shots are taken for each angle. Plus of course all the decor in the background needing to be set up/moved.


It was so much fun watching the filming, and as prop makers, it really is a joy to be able to unleash your creativity and design and produce something so different.

A massive thanks to Charlie and James at Kids Party Finder again for the opportunity. 

Camblights – Rustic light up letters

Party Malarkey – Balloons

Flo Events – Easter bunny

Joannerose Cakes – Cake

Moshlloons – Balloons

Simply Rustic – Sweet cart